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Your Tips Guide to Online Pokies

Looking for online pokies tips? Both online pokies and the ones in your local are computer based and like all computers they are programmed to do what the programmer has instructed them to do and follow a set cycle. Hence if you can understand when the machine is going to pay out then you stand a better chance of taking home the big bucks!


Use the tips below to come out on top !

Always play online pokies – with average payout rates in excess of 96%+ the probability of winning is higher. Pokies in your local only pay out about 90% and are designed to generate revenue for the venue. Online pokies companies have very few overheads so pay out more.
Pokies both online and in pubs DO go through cycles of paying out and taking money. If the machine is not paying out then it is best to change games as putting more and more money in will not achieve anything.
Alter your stake / bets often. Pokies sometimes pay out a few large amounts or pay out lots of smaller amounts. It calculates your payout based on the value of your bet, e.g. 10 lines etc. If you change your bet often you will start to see if the machine is wanting to pay out small amounts or large amounts or not at all.
Understand and always get the best odds. payout rates are in the region of 96%+ for online pokies. When you win you are often given the chance to gamble / double or nothing. The odds for this feature are 50/50. hence if you always play this feature the odds would be stacked in your favour.
Only Gamble what you can afford and bank your winnings. Its easy to get carried away on the pokies so when you get a win take the payout and keep it separate. That way you will always come out on top. When the going is good take them but when it is bad know when to walk away or change games.

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